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Established by the Mutual Aid Society MBA Mutua Basis Assistance, Health Italia S.p.A. and the Health Assistance cooperative society, which are committed to the development of the principles of mutuality and social solidarity, the Health Italia Foundation ONLUS is a non-profit organization whose objectives are to promote cultural, educational, training, social integration and health care initiatives. , as well as the dissemination of culture.

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The foundation participates in the implementation of the social and social-health system in accordance with art. 10 of Law 328/2000 and proposes to carry out its activity in the following sectors:

  • health care;
  • social and social-health assistance;
  • promote and manage educational, training, cultural, sporting and recreational services for children and young people;
  • manage services and promote initiatives to guarantee the right to study;
  • set up scholarships to encourage attendance at educational courses;
  • promote initiatives aimed at preventing early school leaving, learning difficulties and youth distress;
  • managing accommodation facilities for young people and students and hospitality and hospitality services.

In carrying out its institutional activities, the Foundation intends to encourage the participation and participation of all the organizations that constitute the expression of the civil society of the territory in which it operates.

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