Health Italia open first Health Point in Busnago

16 December 2017

Busnago, December 16th, 2017, Today, Saturday 16th December the first Health Point opened in the “Il Globo” shopping centre in Busnago (MB), a few tens of kilometres from Milan.

Planned by the pmi innovative Health Italia, the leader in integrated health, through Health Point S.r.l. and undertaken together with the PTA group, the marketing company and top player in the international shopping centre market, the Health Points represent an efficient solution to a growing demand for “light healthcare” services for the promotion and application of a proper lifestyle and wellbeing in general. Beginning in 2018 other 10 Health Points in all of Italy are planned, from areas less supplied with healthcare services to those with higher residential densities.

Each Health Point is made up of transportable modules equipped with the latest generation and most innovative devices and equipment. These new technologies allow the monitoring of parameters that up till now could have been controlled only by invasive tests, conducted exclusively in specialized laboratories and hospitals, thus reducing enormously visits to emergency wards and enhancing the figure of the doctor.

In the first phase the Health Points will be structured to supply more than 40 services amongst which are: measuring arterial blood pressure, electrocardiogram, spirometry, measuring oxygen in the blood, walking test, dermatological and dermatascopic examinations, monitoring an screening sleep apnoea, personalized nutrition and dietary therapy, dental examinations, blood analysis without withdrawal, DNA tests, body temperature measurement, complete analyses of health, beauty and skincare.

The times and delivery of services at the Health Points correspond with typical times for clinical services: 8-10am daily, 7 days a week. The added value is represented by the possibility of a “televisit” with a medical specialist thanks to the collaboration of Centrale Salute di Coopsalute S.C.p.A. (Coopsalute Healthcare Centre)

The basis for the innovative network of services offered by the Health Points is the awareness of the primary value of prevention, understood as the ultimate purpose of the Health Italia Group which aims to reinforce personal health and wellbeing which are fundamental rights to be protected and promoted.

The data elaborated by the Health Points will flow into the health files of patients and will communicate with the Electronic Health File (FSE) made available by the Italian regions.

In fact, the services offered by the Health Points represent the high level of demand that the public sector does not fulfill. The ease of access, the very high quality of clinical care, thanks to the most modern most modern reporting systems, and the sensible costs make up a very interesting proposal for varied use that wants to protect personal health.


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