Make your employees happier and more productive

Welfare benefits everyone

Benefits don’t count towards employment income, and are socially significant. This allows your business to achieve a significant tax reduction (up to 64%), and enables your employees to increase their purchasing power. A happier employee is a more efficient employee, better integrated in the team and loyal to the objectives of your SME.

Our range of products in detail:

Put your trust in us. We’ll make your SME grow The advantages that have emerged from numerous surveys in the sector include the possibility of more effectively retaining the most talented employees, and so reducing recruitment costs.


  • Maximum personalisation of the Benefit package for SMEs
  • Every employee can decide according to their own requirements
  • Thanks to state incentives, they do not count towards income from employment
  • Remuneration policies that are advantageous for both parties
  • Outsourcing facilitates the management of company benefits

A diversified product range

Health Italia gives employees access to a network of approved businesses from which to obtain goods and services at discounted prices under preferential terms reserved for members.

For SMEs


Yoga, cooking, mindfulness, drawing, sewing, acting... Any course you can think of, you can take it with us.

For SMEs


Tickets and subscriptions for cinema, theatre and parks will be made available to employees. Also the mind needs to be nourished.

For SMEs


Sauna, massages, steam bath, shiatsu. There’s nothing better than being pampered to recharge your batteries and relieve the stress of the daily routine.
For SMEs


Gyms, sports facilities and swimming pools. Practising sports helps to relax muscles, to oxygenate the brain and encourages sharing.

For SMEs


Dozens of travel agencies and gift boxes to offer a wide range of customisable destinations and experiences.

For SMEs


The opportunity to receive any type of voucher to do shopping and take care of your own home.

When the corporate environment improves, your business thrives

Flexible Benefits

Improve your business starting from the people

On the BenefitOnline portal, each employee will have access to a “catalogue” of available goods and services and will have the opportunity to choose and order the benefits they prefer, or apply for a reimbursement for any purchase they made independently. There’s also a call centre dedicated to supporting employees with information on how the benefits programme works.
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