The Companies of Health Italia Group
Teaming up maintaining one's vocation through a company that groups companies operating in multiple sectors
able to create synergies of strategic value for the market and each individual.

Our Mutual Partners
Collaborations with partners recognized for their skills and excellence on the national territory,
always committed to promoting the health and well-being of the person.


Mutua MBA

Work in defense of the right to health and well-being of people by guaranteeing this right throughout the life of each individual member and client. Mutua MBA is engaged, in the non-profit sector, in the creation of an inclusive welfare system, supplementary to the NHS, integrated between public and private non-profit entities. The MBA mutualistic promoters inform about health benefits and spread the culture of mutuality alongside that of prevention.

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Mutua Nazionale

Mutua Nazionale is a general Mutual Aid company that operates on a non-profit basis on the basis of the constitutional principle of subsidiarity, providing supplementary health plans for members and their families.

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General Mutua

Mutual Aid Company which aims to manage an integrative and complementary system of health care, both directly and indirectly through agreements with principals and public health structures.

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Health Italia in collaboration with Mutua MBA for IGEA-Banca del Fucino customers


Banca-Mutua project was born from an idea of HEALTH ITALIA in partnership with IGEA BANCA, with health plans of Mutua MBA that will be available to IGEA-Banca del Fucino customers in different formulas designed for individuals and families. The initiative, presented to the public under the "Salute in Banca" brand, will be activated in the branches of Banca del Fucino. The advantages include the possibility of accessing over 5.000 affiliated healthcare facilities, additional network services at advantageous prices, 24 hour medical assistance, a direct channel with the Health Center and the possibility of carrying out all operations comfortably through MyMBA app.

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Health Italia for others
Support of companies engaged in the development of the principles of mutuality and social solidarity
which have as their objectives the promotion of health care initiatives

Solutions for Families, Companies and Employees
Health and well-being of the person at the center of every activity, fundamental rights of each individual,
to be protected and promoted in all areas of life

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