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Health cannot be imposed on people

Your tranquillity and that of your family depend on secure healthcare that works.
The National Health Service cannot guarantee you this tranquillity

Long waiting times

Medical examinations, treatments and specialist appointments are part of our lives. The long waiting times associated with the national health service don’t allow for serenity in these aspects of life.

Limited health cover

The national health service doesn’t cover all medical examinations or procedures. If you’re not covered, you’re forced to fall back on expensive paid treatments.

Lack of trust in the health service

The quality of the national health system has been seriously compromised by its huge debts. Infections following surgery have increased in recent years.

In all these cases, to receive adequate health service and therefore have a serene and secure life, many prefer to turn to treatment provided by private clinics and health centres

Don’t give up on health care

The lack of trust in the national health service and the high costs of private treatments force more and more people to refuse treatment. Complementary health insurance makes healthcare costs sustainable for your family.

Complementary healthcare: teaming up for a more serene life.

The principle of complementary healthcare and, more specifically, health insurance companies, is to team up, to help each other, to create a safer and more peaceful future for themselves and for their loved ones.

Taking out an integrative healthcare plan as a member of a mutual health insurance company offers the opportunity to access higher-quality, cost-effective medical care. All thanks to the contractual power of health insurance companies and the agreements they enter with high-quality healthcare facilities throughout the country.

Prevention is the Priority

Taking out a supplementary healthcare plan, particularly with a health insurance company, allows you to access a full range of medical examinations and services free of charge to have a full picture of the state of health of all your partners, and be able to intervene at an early stage when problems arise.

It is the priority of a health insurance company to protect the health of its members.

Why choose Health Italia

With its network of partners, Health Italia operates throughout the country and is market leader
for complementary healthcare solutions


Promoting family health

A national network of promoters provides complementary health insurance solutions to meet the needs of your household.


Support Network

A network of healthcare facilities contracted across the country, able to offer the best care.


Health Hub

A Health Hub that responds quickly and efficiently to the needs of all members.

Health Assistance

Health Assistance is a cooperative that provides quality healthcare services with very preferential terms, directly at the patient’s home.


Health Online

Health Online is an informative periodical created to keep you up to date on health insurance topics and more.


Mobile App

With our app you can simply and securely manage your location, your paperwork and your communication.

We’re by your side, with confidence

The mutual promoter

The mutual promoter’s job is to find new members and assistants to propose agreements on targeted and personalised complementary healthcare solutions.

For Families
They propose complementary healthcare solutions tailored to your needs.

For Families
A partner with whom you can discuss not only health, but especially well-being and prevention.

For Families
They’re members, just like you, part of the same team who share your interests.


How can I beat the long waiting times associated with the national health system?
Often, the only way to beat the long waiting times associated with state-provided health care is to undertake treatments provided by private healthcare centres or clinics. Due to the very high costs, an increasing number of Italian citizens are choosing to refuse treatment. The complementary health insurance plans and, especially, health insurance companies, exist to make healthcare costs sustainable for families.
Why doesn’t the national healthcare system cover everything?
The national healthcare system is in debt. Around 80 billion euros of liabilities between 1990 and 2012 and growing; as well as 50% fewer beds compared to 1996. In this situation, many medical examinations and procedures are no longer provided due to a lack of funds. For the same reason, treatment quality is currently in sharp decline, considering the 10% infection rate in hospitals, and an average hospital equipment age of over 10 years.
What advantages do complementary healthcare plans offer?
Costs for family healthcare can be reduced thanks to the financial support that complementary healthcare plans provide. Considering the high cost of private care, and the fact that today, within the national healthcare system, 57.2% of the cost of care is borne by the patient, it can be said that the primary benefit of a complementary health insurance plan is its being economic.
What advantages do mutual societies offer compared to a health insurance plan?
Contrary to insurance companies, mutual societies are non-profit organisations. The primary objective of mutual societies is to protect the health of its members. That’s why, as well as healthcare benefits, mutual societies promote initiatives aimed at prevention and the well-being of their members.
How do I take out a complementary healthcare plan with Health Italia?
From this page you can contact Health Italia and request additional information on our complementary health insurance plans. Health Italia promotes its complementary healthcare plans via an extensive network of promoters throughout the nation.
What is a mutual promoter?
The mutual promoter’s job is to find new members and assistants to propose integrative healthcare solutions. The promoter is a partner who, after appropriate training, is able to promote the culture of mutual assistance and to extend the network, making it stronger and more solid.

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