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We are one of the largest companies offering Integrated Healthcare services and the reason is the hard work, passion and professionalism that we put into every challenge we face.

Our goal is to constantly seek new goals to achieve, strongly believing that the Health and Well-being of the individual should be the focus of all our activities, fundamental rights to be protected and promoted.

With every action we take, we support and protect Wellbeing, Welfare and Prevention.

A Complete Healthcare System

Integrative health solutions for families, businesses and the public administration, a vast network of affiliated structures throughout the country, a complete proposal of corporate welfare, innovative telemedicine services: our offer has grown over time, to respond in a manner targeted and effective to the needs and requirements of the market and customers.

Our Mission

We bring well-being to people by promoting health care and prevention and generating value in protection models for families and companies. We innovate and improve the welfare systems every day and we will continue to do so with passion and courage, promoting the culture of a healthy lifestyle.

The Company Structure



The outside walls of the PalaSalute building are decorated with a mural by versatile British artist Richard Woods, renowned for his patterned drawings with very bright colours that are able to transform buildings and environments giving them a cheerful and lively atmosphere.
The headquarters of Health Italia S.p.A. are located in the PalaSalute building in the town of Formello.
Most of the building is dedicated to healthcare; in fact, it hosts:

Banca delle Visite

Concrete help just a click away

Founded in July 2015 on the joint initiative of Health Italia, Mutua MBA and Health Assistance, Banca delle Visite is committed to promoting health care initiatives and spreading the mutualistic culture of community aid. Carries out two important projects: the Mutual Aid Museum and Banca delle Visite.

Discover Banca delle Visite

Corporate Welfare

Health Italia believes that Corporate Welfare initiatives are of primary importance for the well-being of the person and the climate in the workplace. In addition to offering Flexible Benefit plan management services to its customers, there is a benefit program for all employees, called "HI Welfare For Us".
Lenovys - Partner per la Formazione Manageriale

Partner for Management Training

Our Model 231 and Code of Ethics

Organization, management and control model


The general principles

The 8 June 2001 n. 231 Legislative Decree introduced into the Italian law a system of administrative liability of the corporate entity for certain crimes committed by directors, managers or employees in the interest or for the benefit of his own corporate entity.


The adoption of the organizational model

Health Italia has adopted its own Organizational Model, with the aim of constructing a structured and organic system of guiding principles, operating procedures and other specific safeguards, inspired by a great corporate management criteria and aimed, among other things, at preventing the commission of offenses provided for the Decree.


The supervisory body

In compliance with the provisions of art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. b) of the Decree, the task of continuously monitoring the adequacy and operation of the Model 231, as well as of updating it by proposing amendments and additions, has been entrusted to the Company's Supervisory Body (SB). The HealthVision Body is part of an external component, identified among experts and professionals in the sector, with the necessary requisites of integrity, professionalism, autonomy and independence.


The Whistleblowing Platform

Health Italia makes available to the recipients of Model 231 a dedicated platform for reporting offenses and irregularities, relating to hypotheses of relevant illegal conduct, pursuant to Model 231 and the Code of Ethics adopted by Health Italia. The platform is accessible at the following address whistleblowing.healthitalia.it and allows the sending of reports to the Supervisory Body, even anonymously. By clicking the "Send a report" link, you will access the report path where you will be asked to fill in the fields necessary to start the investigation.

Health Online

The information magazine on integrative health

Health Online is the periodical of information on nutrition, pathologies and wellbeing for the health care and to favor one's own inner balance. The magazine offers readers not only topics related to health and well-being, but sensitive issues are addressed to improve daily life.

The goal is to help readers live better from every point of view, because being healthy and taking care of the health and well-being of one's body are fundamental elements to be in harmony with oneself and with others.

Consult the magazine in digital format and browse all the articles.

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