A solid group,
for great certainties
We are one of the largest companies offering Integrated Healthcare services and the reason is the hard work, passion and professionalism that we put into every challenge we face.

Our goal is to constantly seek new goals to achieve, strongly believing that the Health and Well-being of the individual should be the focus of all our activities, fundamental rights to be protected and promoted.

We can count on a strong team that is able to bring health and prevention into Italian homes

Roberto Anzanello

The Company Structure

Our Networks


The "DINAMICA" promotion network is focused solely on the promotion and popularisation of the "Total Care" health subsidy, entirely dedicated and designed for families.


The "CLASSICA" promotion network is focused on the promotion and subscription of health subsidies for Companies, Organisations, Institutions, Bilateral organisations, Associations, Cooperatives and, in some part, families.

Corporate Affinity

The goal of the "CORPORATE AFFINITY" promotion network is to advertise health subsidies for large customers, corporate groups and Institutions. The "MEF NoiPA" subsidy is reserved for Public Administration employees.

Flexible Benefits and SMEs

A Sales network dedicated to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to offer corporate welfare management services with a Flexible Benefits plan and specific integrated healthcare tools personalised according to the needs of each specific group.

Health Italia on the national territory

Region Promoters
Lazio 951
Lombardy 573
Piedmont 294
Veneto 254
Campania 170
Emilia Romagnia 171
Liguria 103
Sicily 126
Tuscany 102
Puglia 31
Other 11 regions 399
Total 3.174


The outside walls of the PalaSalute building are decorated with a mural by versatile British artist Richard Woods, renowned for his patterned drawings with very bright colours that are able to transform buildings and environments giving them a cheerful and lively atmosphere.
The headquarters of Health Italia S.p.A. are located in the PalaSalute building in the town of Formello.
Most of the building is dedicated to healthcare; in fact, it hosts:
Coopsalute S.C.p.A.
The Health Centre that provides welfare and social-health services through a widespread network of health structures and affiliated professionals.
Basis Foundation
A non-profit organization which offers to carry out its activities in the sectors of social-health assistance, in the promotion and management of cultural, educational, sporting and recreational services, for the purpose of providing support for the vulnerable and those experiencing poverty, such as those affected by illness, physical or mental disabilities, as well as dependent young and the elderly
Health Home Care Soc. Cop Soc.
The Social Cooperative Association, a cooperative which offers assistance to the elderly or those with special needs in both specialized structures and the comfort of their homes
Health Point Srl
Health Point Srl, a company which manages telemedical services centres equipped with the latest generation devices and innovative devices that, with the assistance of specialized nursing staff, allow more than 40 telemedical services to be carried out.
Health Point Medical Care Srl
A state of the art multi-specialty medical centre that is able to offer a high standard of care to its clients, both medically and technologically. The centre hosts a dental and multi-speciality unit of 600 sq.m. and an area of over 400 sq.m. which is dedicated to physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Health Property Spa
A company which is active in the specialist real estate sector in the building and organization of spaces dedicated to health care activities such as: multi-speciality laboratories, dental centres, health residences for the elderly and clinics
Mba Mutua
The biggest Mutual Health company in number of members, present throughout country thanks to more than 3,000 mutual aid promoters
Mutual Aid Museum
Born from an idea of gathering testimonies about the history of the mutual aid movement. It aims to safeguard and make accessible to the public the goods that have currently been supplied and to promote knowledge and research on the theme of Mutuality
Software house that offers services and consultancy for the development and implementation of integrated technological solutions.
SBM S.r.l.
Science of Biology in Medicine, a specialist Italian research company carrying out front line scientific development and putting a value on medicines, nutritional supplements, and medical devices which originated from raw natural materials
HiWelfare S.r.l.
HiWelfare Srl, a company of the group dedicated to corporate welfare services which offers companies innovative solutions with high levels of service and made to measure welfare plans

Corporate Welfare

Health Italia S.p.A. believes that Corporate Welfare and Flexible Benefits are of primary importance for the well-being of a person. Besides offering this service to all companies that request it, initiating a direct collaboration, a benefit program called “MIO WELFARE” is now available to all employees. We provide our employees with a range of welfare offers, that can be summarised as: My personal growth, My leisure time, My well-being and My participation.

My personal growth

  1. Training Courses
  2. Language Courses
  3. IT Courses
  4. Integrated healthcare
  5. Scholarships
  6. Motivational Courses
  7. Outdoor Training

My participation

  1. A place to store hints and tips
  2. The "meno 30" project
  3. Social Projects
  4. Corporate noticeboard
  5. Cultural exchange
  6. Chef for one night
  7. Children in the company

My well-being

  1. Health and prevention seminars
  2. Emotional and affective well-being
  3. Specialist and Dietitian visits
  4. Organisation of corporate tournaments
  5. Outdoor sports events
  6. Indoor sports activities
  7. Walks in the park

My leisure time

  1. Lounge room with games
  2. Baby sitting
  3. Relaxation terrace
  4. Shopping in the office
  5. After-work gym
  6. Discounts and offers in the area
  7. Exercise

Our Model 231 and Code of Ethics

Organization, management and control model


The general principles

The 8 June 2001 n. 231 Legislative Decree introduced into the Italian law a system of administrative liability of the corporate entity for certain crimes committed by directors, managers or employees in the interest or for the benefit of his own corporate entity.


The adoption of the organizational model

Health Italia has adopted its own Organizational Model, with the aim of constructing a structured and organic system of guiding principles, operating procedures and other specific safeguards, inspired by a great corporate management criteria and aimed, among other things, at preventing the commission of offenses provided for the Decree.


The supervisory body

In compliance with the provisions of art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. b) of the Decree, the task of continuously monitoring the adequacy and operation of the Model 231, as well as of updating it by proposing amendments and additions, has been entrusted to the Company's Supervisory Body (SB). The HealthVision Body is part of an external component, identified among experts and professionals in the sector, with the necessary requisites of integrity, professionalism, autonomy and independence.







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